Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pink Or Blue

My sister and I were talking and she had a concern about the adoption blogs I have introduced her to. She wanted to know why the majority of blogs she has read are about women or couples that are adopting girls. I told her that I really couldn't speak for anyone else, but for me I would be fine with either sex but prefer a girl. She asked why. I let her know that me being a single mother (which she fully understands because she is one) I feel boys need fathers.(Especially Afr Americans, which is how my child will be viewed whether it is from Africa or not) Not to say that girls don't, but I can not teach him how to be a man. I can introduce him to many things, guide him to live right, but I can never take the place of a father.

This got me to thinking, if I really have a call to adopt should it matter what sex the child is? If I was having a child naturally I really wouldn't have a choice. I don't know I really am flip flopping about this subject.


  1. Very interesting post and very true. My husband reminded me that if I were having this baby I could not select the birth. However, we had a choice when we were initially in the ET program and I chose a girl since I really always wanted to have a girl first. He wanted to have a boy first because he feels that little girls should have older brothers to help protect and look out for them. My husband is open to either sex, just as if I were expecting.
    Whatever we do not receive through adoption we hope that we are blessed with the other sex through pregnancy. We are currently open to either sex at this time because we want to accept the child that God wants us to have. Yes, I have tons of girl baby clothing and that is because we were initially preparing for a baby girl. However, I am at peace with whatever gender that we receive.

    This is great that you are thinking about this.

  2. Thanks Sweet patience for your response. Hopefully by the time I get to the point of really starting the adoption process I will have already have made up my mind. But until then I am going pray that God leads me in the direction that he would want me to go. By the way, your blog has really started me to thinking about domestic adoption. It's always good to explore other options. Thank You for that.
    PS: Maybe I'll be the next Angelina Jolie (hahaha)