Thursday, May 21, 2009

No Topic

I don't have any one thing to blog about today but I thought I should post something because it's been over a week since my last post.
I had a kind of embarrassing moment this week. I normally am on top of things when it comes to my appearance. Well I put on this new dress the other day and did not know that you could see through it until 8:35 pm when one of my fellow choir members told me. I am so glad that I had on flesh tone underclothing. The dress being see through would explain why a man harassed me earlier that evening at the mall when I was picking up a cardigan from the Gap.
He asked - Where did you get the dress?
Me - Old Navy.
He- You have exquisite taste.
Me- Giving him the eye and crazy face ( thinking Old Navy not exquisite, just a plain ole store)
He- Don't you think?
Me- I say yeah ( so he will stop talking to me)( Maybe he is really admiring my handbag)
He- Continues saying something
Me- Ignoring him (cross over to the other side of the mall)
Me- Thinking ( Sexual Predator, he was kind of old looking and I look very young for my age)
He- Steady trying to talk to me.
Me- Speed walking.

Last Saturday my mother graduated with her masters of management. She did participate in the commencement because when she got her undergrad degree she did not walk so my grandparents got to see their only daughter receive her degree. Pics to come.

My PC is still out of commission. The tech called me last week because he thought that he had found the problem. Well he didn't. Now it has to go to the manufacturer. I will not talk anymore on this blog about my laptop until I get I back. I know you guys probably don't care :)

That's all folks. Blog ya in a few days.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mind Your Business

I dropped my laptop at the store where it was purchased for it to be sent off for service. I went up to the counter and gave the lady siting behind it my laptop, but I forgot the power cord in the car so I ran outside to get it. I come back in and a man asks me what is wrong with it. I told him what was happening. He says "it may just be( such and such). I can show you how to do (this, that, and the other)."
I'm thinking that he doesn't work for the service department. He has not turned on the computer to see what I am talking about. Which means that you can show me how to do all this stuff and it may not fix the problem. His talking starts to make me angry. I know I was giving him one of my looks.
You may say, Oh he was trying to be helpful. I say I bought a warranty for this specific reason. So I shouldn't have to do a darn thing to it put turn it on and enjoy it. In the kindest tone I could I told him No. I was not going to do anything.
Mind you it was Sunday and I had just left church. I was thinking all sorts of nasty words I could say. But there is power in the tongue so I refrained. I think he made me mad because I didn't nor did the lady at the service desk ask him for his help. Did I get mad probably for no reason? Maybe. Do I feel Bad? No. It could have been worse.

I'm Off

Today is a holiday for me. Our office is closed. I am so excited. Now the weather on the other hand is not so great. It has been raining since last night. I have a off day and I don't really want to go outside in these elements. So what am I doing? Walking back and forth between the computer and the washer and dryer. How Fun.