Thursday, June 25, 2009

Prayers Going Up

Let's all keep the Jackson Family In our prayers.

Also Farrah Fawcett's Family.

What a day.

I've Been Holding

About a month ago I put an offer in for an house. It was not accepted. The listing agent went up on the price 20,000. Not having that. I did not withold this info on purpose. I was not discouraged, I just let it go. I have classes that have diverted my attention away from houses right now. The real estate agent wants to show me these older homes in neighborhoods that I am not interested in. I have a small budget but I will not settle on just anything. I told her I will wait until something comes along that is newer and I like. She says that I have to start somewhere. Who says that your first house has to be something you just settle on.

Do you think I am being to picky?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Throwback Thursday

Two weeks ago I saw a documentary about Minnie Riperton. I cried. She died at the young age of 31 from breast cancer. She has a few songs that I like. Since I didn't post a new song on Monday I will post "Memory Lane." I also like "Come Inside" but it's not an appropriate song for my blog.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Party Pooper

Some people say that I act to old to be my age. As you know I am Going to New Orleans for the Essence Music Festival. Two of the young ladies going with me found information about an after party at a club. I am not interested in going to be honest. Clubbing is not my thing, It has never been my thing.It's wasted money in my opinion. Many people I know say this is weird for a 29 year old to not like to go out. Maybe I am just tired and not feeling good today but I really am not interested. I want to have fun during my trip but the festival is enough for me. Walking around Bourbon street is a party in itself. That is free fun. $40 plus dollars to stand around looking at people is craziness. I would rather spend that money on something tangible.
OK I will stop rambling know.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

In Session

My first summer course started yesterday. It is a technology course. I now have a skype account. If any of my bloggers have an account and would like to skype with me let me know and I will share my name. It seems really cool.

Monday, June 8, 2009

New Music Monday

I haven't posted any music in weeks. Shame on me. Well my new favorite R&B song is "Point Of It All" by Anthony Hamilton. There is nothing better than hearing a man sing a love song. I just close my eyes and go to another place when I hear this song. It just does something for me.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Right Track

I earned an A- in my first graduate class. YEAH. Lets see if I can keep it going.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Review

I apologize in advance for this post if it offends anyone.

Saturday I went to an Art Party. I saw something I liked but I did not purchase. I woman that was the selling agent was trying to show me frames that would come with the print if I purchased. I told the lady that I didn't like anything gold. Why she kept showing trimmings in gold I don't know. Ugh! Basically I had to go over in her suitcase and find the frame option I would want so she could give me a price if I decided to purchase. I found a black frame and a brushed nickel frame. Simple and contemporary. Other people at the party were telling me that they thought my choice of frame was to plain. You guys know me well enough to know that this did not sit well with me. Why is it that lately people feel the need to offer suggestions that I have not asked for? I probably gave them one of my looks. Anyways, the print was of to faces a young black male and a young black female. It had muted colors like black, gray, and browns. It would not look good with a frame with intricate carvings. Plus everyone has their own style. I didn't offer my suggestions on their purchases. Gees.

Sunday I went to the Anthony Hamilton, Musiq Soulchild and Crisette Michelle concert. I have seen everyone in concert before except Anthony Hamilton. He was an awesome performer. Now usually I purchase very good seats. This time is was short notice and I went the cheap option. Mistake. Sis and I had to change our seats in order for her to see Anthony. There was a row of larger women that stood up from start to finish. Plus a lady right in front of me kept flashing me because her pants were too little and every time she got up her butt crack was showing. Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me just say that I don't have issues with larger people but I have to say that black people need to get it together when it comes to their health. Everywhere I looked there people who looked like the were on their way to heart disease, diabetes and so forth.

Good news. I got my laptop back. YEAH. Now I just have to get my software installed for my wireless Internet and I am back in business.