Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Review

I apologize in advance for this post if it offends anyone.

Saturday I went to an Art Party. I saw something I liked but I did not purchase. I woman that was the selling agent was trying to show me frames that would come with the print if I purchased. I told the lady that I didn't like anything gold. Why she kept showing trimmings in gold I don't know. Ugh! Basically I had to go over in her suitcase and find the frame option I would want so she could give me a price if I decided to purchase. I found a black frame and a brushed nickel frame. Simple and contemporary. Other people at the party were telling me that they thought my choice of frame was to plain. You guys know me well enough to know that this did not sit well with me. Why is it that lately people feel the need to offer suggestions that I have not asked for? I probably gave them one of my looks. Anyways, the print was of to faces a young black male and a young black female. It had muted colors like black, gray, and browns. It would not look good with a frame with intricate carvings. Plus everyone has their own style. I didn't offer my suggestions on their purchases. Gees.

Sunday I went to the Anthony Hamilton, Musiq Soulchild and Crisette Michelle concert. I have seen everyone in concert before except Anthony Hamilton. He was an awesome performer. Now usually I purchase very good seats. This time is was short notice and I went the cheap option. Mistake. Sis and I had to change our seats in order for her to see Anthony. There was a row of larger women that stood up from start to finish. Plus a lady right in front of me kept flashing me because her pants were too little and every time she got up her butt crack was showing. Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me just say that I don't have issues with larger people but I have to say that black people need to get it together when it comes to their health. Everywhere I looked there people who looked like the were on their way to heart disease, diabetes and so forth.

Good news. I got my laptop back. YEAH. Now I just have to get my software installed for my wireless Internet and I am back in business.


  1. I don't know where people get off giving unsolicited advice and opinion. At one point in time this was very very rude. It seems people don't have manners anymore. They feel the need to say whatever's on their mind irregardless of how tacky it is.

    Cash doesn't equate class; some people need to invest in etiquette training. It's hard to distinguish the perpetrators sometimes.

    I don't have an issue with larger people either, but I can't stand to gain weight myself. I refuse to buy larger clothes. Oh well, I'll let you get jumped by yourself for that one kmr. lol!

  2. I guess they didn't know you, because you are true to you and that's what I love about you. I would love to see the picture you chose.

    The large women should have been a shame on herself. It was disgusting for her to get and her butt crack expose to everyone. My Goodness!

  3. kmr,

    People always assume they can tell a younger person what to do and they should believe them. Were the women older than you? I run across this. It really gets on my nerves because I'm in riding in the 40 lane. My patience is short for this kind of crap. I thinking about buying a salt and pepper wig or something.

    Some people come to me as if I just fell out of the sky last night. By 40 I've had my own life experiences and know myself.

  4. The ladies were older. One of them caught themselves and said that maybe they should shut up. What they think looks good means nothing to me because it is going in my house not thiers. Ya know.

  5. I knew they were older. I get the same crap because I don't look my age. They were messing with you. Some of them may not have meant any harm, but some of them were being hateful. I'm just talking, lol. But a bunch of women can be a trip.

    They don't know gold frames are played. lol!