Thursday, June 25, 2009

I've Been Holding

About a month ago I put an offer in for an house. It was not accepted. The listing agent went up on the price 20,000. Not having that. I did not withold this info on purpose. I was not discouraged, I just let it go. I have classes that have diverted my attention away from houses right now. The real estate agent wants to show me these older homes in neighborhoods that I am not interested in. I have a small budget but I will not settle on just anything. I told her I will wait until something comes along that is newer and I like. She says that I have to start somewhere. Who says that your first house has to be something you just settle on.

Do you think I am being to picky?


  1. No, you're single. You should be selective in where you want to live. You want some where safe and a home without a lot of maintenence issues. That's normal.

    The market is bad. I can't believe someone went up on their prices.

    Have you considered a condo or zero lot?

  2. Check out this site kmr, you might be inspired:

  3. Yeah. It was a new villa. The builder went out of business. A reality company took them over. The villa did not have a driveway. So I would have to do that. They were saying that it wouldn't pass inspection for the FHA loan. They went up on the price. They stated they were going to finish the unit. The driveway is still not done. Crazy.
    Thanks for the link. They have great ideas.

  4. KeKe, God will give you the desires of your heart. Just continue to allow him to lead you.

    I sometimes wish I would have purchases something older. I definitely would have more funds in my pocket. I didn't want the to worry about repairs being single. However, I would have had the money for them. It's a Catch 22.

    If you get something older, it's not settling. It would be were you are in your life. Just note whatever you purchase it will be your home (old or new). :o)

  5. I love their house kmr. I think a 60's or 70's house will work with the modern style that's in now. Just look around and pray for direction. You may be inspired.

    I wish I was closer to you guys, I'd love to help you look for a house with good bones.

  6. This is the issue. The house had really low taxes. The oldrer homes do not have the the same tax rate, plus I would have to do work.

    Thanks ladies for all your help and encouragement. Slowly but surely it will happen.

  7. Okie Dokie, I understand. No one wants to have a million questions thrown at them for something as big as purchasing a first home or a second one for that matter. It's a very stressful process without the drama of others waiting and expecting. I UNDERSTAND.
    It will work out.

  8. Take your time and definitely do not settle. It will be a bill coming monthly and you want it to be a home that you truly desired. It is a buyers market out there, so definitely put yourself in a position where you are in control of the situation to get what you want for less. I have several friends who made out on new homes here where I am due to foreclosures by builders and they were able to get much more due to the foreclosures and the market. It can be frustrating, but take your time and enjoy the ride.

  9. I am in the same boat as you are...I wish you luck. BTW, I loove older homes,most are very solid and have great potential. I have been looking in new neighborhoods and find that some people don't take care of their property. Atleast in older neighborhoods people are more likely to upgrade and treat homes better..thats just my thoughts...dont give up!!