Friday, April 17, 2009


When I was ten my mom's oldest brother passed away. My mother was very close to him. He had 4 girls and 2 older boys. The girls would come stay with us during the summer after my uncle passed away. They have experienced and seen many things that young ladies should not have. Needless to say they have made many wrong choices in life.

Age wise I am in the middle. Sha 31, Sham 30, Me 29, Sher 24, Shan 23. I worry about them like I am the oldest. They look to my mom as their savior, counselor, etc. Now I am not a perfect individual but I have managed to make pretty good choices. They(cousins) would say that is because I have a great mother and have spent a lot of time with my grandparents and other family members that supported me. This may well be the case. But I know that at some point you have to grow up and look at the things of your past and try and make something better for your future.

They also have at times called me boring or an old lady because I don't club hop, hang out with all kinds of different guys, smoke (you get the picture). But they want some of the peace I have. I want to say Duh. If you don't like how your life is going change your habits.

I realize that I have not been praying for them like I should. I know that is all I can do for them. I can not change how a person thinks or behaves or chooses to live their lives. I can not change how they think about me and how I live mine.

I am adding a new song, "I'll Trust You" by James Fortune. They play this song on the radio. I hope one of them will hear it and truelly listen to the words. Maybe they will figure out that everything can change in their lives with one decision.


  1. Hey kmr,

    Continue to pray for them. Only God is able to deliver. Your cousins are still young women. They will have a testimony one day.

    My mom tells me to pray for those especially when I have grown tired and don't feel like it because Satan doesn't want to us to intercede on their behalf. She's right.

  2. I love this song and all you can do is pray for your cousins and lead by example. They will only change when they truly have a desire to. Until then, just continue as you are praying for them and keeping them in prayer and leading by example. They will eventually see the excellence in your life and hopefully make changes.

  3. Thanks Ladies.
    I know I can only pray for them.It is not in my hands what they choose to do. I hope they get their lives together if not for them but for their kids.