Wednesday, April 22, 2009

At A Loss

The devil is working very hard on trying to destroy the futures of my family. Last week I wrote about my female cousins and their drama. Now it is one of the males turn.
My cell phone has been losing power for no reason. When I finally got it to work today I had 3 messages. One was from my uncle that lives in Tennessee. He doesn't text me unless it's my birthday or something like that. Well this text was not good news. He asked me to call his youngest son J and talk to him because he was depressed. When I got the opportunity to get in contact with J he didn't say anything to me out of the ordinary. Well I have gotten the whole story from my mother and aunt (J's mother). Needless to say it is not good. J has made some bad choices that could effect his whole future.
We can not share this news with my grandparents because it would worry them to death. They are the rocks of our family and I am very close to them. It is very hard for us to keep things from them because they are so wise. They are also people of deep faith and we go to them for spiritual guidance when we need it. I am asking for prayer for my family.


  1. kmr,

    I will lift your family up. Satan is busy. I hope your cousin J will come out alright. Young men have so much to fight against. Tell God's accepts him just where he is. I hope things turn around for him in Jesus's name.

  2. I will definitely pray for your cousin. You know that I'm very concern about our young men, because they are dealt a very hard hand and we try our best to protect them, but we know only God can provide the protection they need. The Devil is busy, but GOD gives us Grace and Mercy to overcome!

  3. Thanks Angela.
    He is young and he is a father. I don't want him to become another statistic. I appreciate your prayers

  4. You are so right sister. I'm having a hard time understanding why he is doing the things he is. But it is not for me to understand I guess. I asked God to reveal to me what my role is in this situation. What is it he wants me to do. I will stand still until I am sure he has given me the answer.

  5. I will continue to pray for your family. Don't stop the prayers.