Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Do you remember that crazy movie Halle Berry played in B.A.P.S.? You know the crazy hair styles she had. Well I had a woman in my office yesterday that reminded me of her. She had the big hair, crayon yellow blond coloring, and even open faced gold teeth. I kept peeking up at her hair. I tried not to but I couldn't help it. Before she left she handed me a business card. She happened to own a hair salon.HAHAHA. When she left my office I chuckled.

For those of you that don't know I wear my hair natural. So at the moment it is very curly and it gets frizzy. I guess she thought I might need her services. Some people just don't like the natural look. Maybe she thought I was admiring her hair.


  1. I wonder what some of these people are thinking about by walking around in public looking like that. She was going to give you the hook up kmr. LOL!

    I also wonder if many of them have undiagnosed bi-polar disorder.... I don't know.

  2. lol...that was funny! I really enjoy the B.A.P.S. movies. It was a feel good movie.

  3. Angela, I don't know what she was thinking. She may be saying the same thing about me.

  4. Sis, I know it was funny. Don't get me wrong not a single hair on her head was out of place. But the color and the style was outrageous.