Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dress Codes

I know most of you have heard of the dress code alterations that Morehouse College has imposed on their students. Not wearing high heels and mini skirts, no sagging pants and no make up. Now this has been a controversial issue for the past week. I personally don't see anything wrong with a dress code. As a former student of Clark Atlanta University I believe in upholding the traditions and pride of the schools within the Atlanta University Center.

As a student I do remember wearing my hair wrapped up in a scarf almost every morning to class. (8:00am courses) When I look back at that I know that it was not appropriate. Colleges and Universities are learning institutions. Not only are you enrolled to obtain book knowledge, but you also get training on how to make it in the real world. You learn how mature into responsible women and men.

A young man wearing a mini skirt and halter top to class I believe is inappropriate. It's a distraction. I also believe that it is inappropriate for a young lady to wear a mini skirt and halter to class. It takes the focus off learning. I do not want to see a man wearing a skirt. It is ridiculous. My blog, My opinion. Sagging pants is just plain stupid and pointless. For men and women. If these students were in my class, I would have to ask them to leave. Period. Don't like my rules sign up for someone else's class.

It has been a few years since I have stepped foot unto the AUC but I would hate to see that the students are not taking pride in their school. It is not like they don't teach you the history of the school. There is a mandatory class dedicated to this your freshman year. HBCU's are special. I hope the students aren't taking this for granted.

Some say that it's a free country you should be able to do what you please. I agree this is a free country. This country grants you the ability to make choices. There are thousands of higher learning institutions. Don't like what the school stands for, go somewhere that is more acceptable of the things you believe in. That is one of the great things about being an United States Citizen.