Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Event

Last night my church had a ladies night out. I invited my mother to come with me. It was a great event. I am a bad blogger because I did not take any pictures. Hopefully they will post the photos online. Anyways, we arrived and they had four carriages to take us on rides. Mother and I skipped that. It was kinda chilly last night. It was however very pretty. People who did partake said they enjoyed it. They had tables and chair set up in the parking lot with a oversized tent that had goodies inside. The food was good. We had pastas, salads, and chicken. There were also many deserts and a chocolate fountain. (yummy)

After partaking in the biddles we walked the red carpet to get our picture taken. I thought it was so cute. They had backgrounds set with our Rock Girls logo and the many sponsors for the event. It was very Hollywood.(LOL) We went inside the sanctuary and took our seats for the fashion show. It was cute. They had people from the congregation design, and sew pieces to be shown on the runway. I like this idea because I got to see the talent that we have in our church.

There were many giveaways including: purses, mall gift certificates, gift baskets, food gift certificates, audio sets of pastors teachings, new ipods, and two bridal gowns.

The choir then had to lead praise and worship. None of us knew what songs we were going to sing but it all worked out well. Then the guest speaker was introduced. Her name was Dr Stacia Pierce. She was outstanding. She had a right know word for us ladies. Basically she was telling us that we are in a moment that God is going to show us favor because we are his favored. She stated that it was time for us to get back to being what God intended us ladies to be. Praying women. Deeply planted in the word. She said two things that I know she was talking about me when she said it. 1) God has so many things in store for you that you could not even imagine but he need you to stop being comfortable with what you have and where you are. 2) Because you are his favored, he will align you with people who will work on your behalf. Meaning that sometimes you may not be the most qualified but you get the job anyway because there is something else on the inside of you that radiates to the outside.

It was powerful. Mom enjoyed it. I enjoyed it. Can't wait till the next time.


  1. Praise God! What a beautiful word from the Lord! You guys obviously had a blast.

  2. It sounds like some GREAT fun. Your church really has some GREAT things going on for the members.

    I know I need to visit and will soon.:o)

  3. You do need to visit. We would love to see ya.

    They do try an keep things interesting for the members. I like that.

  4. sounds like a great event. What a good idea. I would love something like that♥