Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's Official

Fall has arrived. It is so chilly here. It rained for about two day straight. Now I am not going to complain even though I want to. You guys know by now I am not a fan of cool weather. The good thing about today is that it didn't rain and the sun did come out.

As you can see I changed my background. I am trying to embrace the season. LOL I also added a new tune. It's not Wednesday but I felt like doing so here it is. Mo Better Blues. Remember the Spike Lee movie? Well I liked it and I love this song from the movie.



  1. I am also a fan of song. My favorite song off the Mo Better Blues soundtrack is Harlem Blues. I really like Cynda Williams's voice and the lyrics.

    I need some fall/winter clothes. I'm not ready for this weather. :o)

  2. I like harlem blues also.

    I went shopping sat morning and picked up a few things. Everything was on sell that I purchased. Yeah

  3. I love your background! I'm going to have to move you guys to my other blog. I'm missing yall. I almost drove to St. Louis yesterday, but I was too freakin tired. Is it cold this week guys?

  4. Thanks.

    Right now it is not that cold it is about 70 degree. It is supposed to start raining wed and thursday and the temp will drop back inot the high being 50 or so.