Monday, August 10, 2009

Who You Callin A B*^$#

Ok I hate to say it but I am addicted to Real Housewives of Atlanta. But I have a real problem with the language. Every other word is B this, B that. Maybe for some people this is okay, but not for me. I just don't get it. I don't call my friends or anybody else that. My have the same respect for me. I have never accepted that phrase to reference me.

Some people say its just like when we call each other the n word. Well I don't do that. Will I continue to watch the show? Probably. I guess that means I shouldn't be ranting about this but, I just wondered if anyone else that may watch this show noticed that they have really used this word more frequently than last season.

Ugh. I am just disappointed.


  1. I am in agreement with you sis. It isn't a word that comes out of my mouth in a playful way...if I call you a B@*%h. We aren't on good terms and if you call me one in a playful way I immediately let the person know that I don't play like that.

    It does bother me when I hear them use it on show, but like you I still tune in weekly. lol

    I love your new blog look!

  2. Thanks, I like it too.

    Yeah I don't go for that. Then in the next breath they want to talk about how classy they are. What! Really!

  3. I absolutely agree with u. I think it's awful & have no idea why they use it as a term of endearment. It's disrespectful and in poor taste. I also was mortified by the first show antics of that party planner. But like u I will probably continue to watch.

  4. I don't watch this show because I don't have Bravo, hee, but it seems these women are too mature in age to behave like I've seen on the previews. I'm ashamed of them. I don't care how glamorous they appear to be.

    I've never had a friend behave that commonly with me. My old director tried to use that word with my colleague and I, we let her know really quickly she was out of line. It's ghetto.

  5. I know Gracie's Mom. That party planner thing was a mess.

    Angela you were right to get her in check. People confuse me at times thinking they can say anything and everything to you.