Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year/ Anniversary

I started this blog one year ago. I can't believe it's been a year. Seems like yesterday. Well I think I will share that I took a look at my goals from last year, how you forget what you write.

1. I do pray consistently.
2. Still working on reading the bible everyday. I think I will accomplish this goal this year. We are reading the bible in a year at the church.
3. Stopped exercising around august.
4. I have gone full speed ahead on the home purchasing goal. Still working on that. Staying positive.
5. Entered graduate school. Staying on course. Researching some additional certifications.
6. Adoption research I have been reading the blogs and online research. Not ready yet. Plus the Ethiopian program is not looking good for singles.
7. Haven't gotten a new job. Did go on some interviews.

1. Continue to grow in my faith.
2. Start my projects at a reasonable time.
3. Take a few more trips. Hopefully out of the country.
4. Renew my passport.
5. Limit my monthly spending.
6. Participate in more social events.

That's a start.

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