Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Men

I had a hard time picking just one song today. These three men are probably my favorite male artists. OK maybe there are a few more but I'll start with these.

D'angelo, whom I can't wait till he comes out with new music. I don't care what his body looks like he is still alright with me. "Heaven Must Be Like This" is a remake from the live CD of his. This CD is hard to find but of course I have it.

Maxwell, who I would marry if I had the opportunity. Went to his concert a few months ago. I still have a euphoric feeling from that, but I do wish he would hurry up on the new CD. So I had a real hard time picking a song from him. "Lifetime" is a good one. You will be hearing more from him.

Lenny Kravitz, Hot musically and physically. I love the rock, soul, alternative vibe he has going on. "I Belong to You" is one of my favorite's from him. The words just get to me. You will hear a few more from him also.

Peace, Love, And Music


  1. You score with all of these artist. I love to hear "Black" men sing about love. I actually have "Heaven Must Be Like This" on the soundtrack cd from the movie "Down in the Delta, which the cd has quite a few of my favorites. Yeah MAXWELL is the man!!!! LOVE HIM and I'm also waiting on the cd. I hope it drops for Valentine's Day. Lenny Lenny Lenny looks so good with his afro. He's the bad boy we ladies love. "I Belong to You" is one of my favorites. I know I wrote a book but I couldn't help it. Keep the songs coming. Love the new page look.